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Adafruit Resistor Helper 


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Adafruit Resistor Helper 


Written By: Becky Stern 


Craft knifed) 
Cutting mat (1) 
Ruler (1) 
Scissors (1) 
Wire cutters/pliers (1) 

4 paper fasteners (1) 


Papercrafts at Adafruit! We're excited to share this Resistor Helper you can download and 
make yourself. It's the newest tool in our Circuit Playground family- when you can't get to 
your iPhone or iPad, use paper! One side helps you read 4-band types and the other side 
takes care of 5-band types. The Resistor Helper is on Thingiverse as a PDF (with Illustrator 
editability preserved). Designed by Adafruit with Matthew Borgatti . You can also grab the 
PDF on github . 

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Adafruit Resistor Helper 

Step 1 — Adafruit Resistor Helper 

IV TrrHf liTO'Kp-IHW **" « I 

• Print out your Resistor Helper in color. It's sized to fit on one 8.5" x 1 1" sheet. 

• The wheels are paired with small arrows. Cut around the holder and separate your wheel 
pairs from each other. 

Step 2 

• Cut out and glue pairs of colored wheels back to back. 

• Liquid glue can make the paper curl a bit, so we recommend drying the wheels under a 
heavy book (or warm laptop) for about an hour. Or you can use a glue stick! 

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Adafruit Resistor Helper 

Step 3 

t„ (a 1 » * <& * ■ CD 

^ %#^ 


■ - @ 

* » * 

@ Eg, 

55 Ftlors 

4>d Resistors 




od^fru_it/ t -ipp 

^■JOl^iiJd pUGQ S 

• Line up your colored wheels by the 
letters and numbers - 4a is the first 
wheel on the 4-band side, for 
example. Keep track of your pieces 
because we're about to cut out the 
ID numbers! 

Step 4 

• Use a craft knife to carefully cut out the viewing windows in the holder. 

• Double check your windowed holder against your row of wheels so you still remember 
where they go. 

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Adafruit Resistor Helper 

Step 5 

• Now carefully cut out the inner circles on your wheels, placing each one back in line before 
cutting the next one. 

• Of course you can always refer back to this page if you forget which wheel is which! 

Step 6 

• Cut small slits over the red dots on 
the holder (both sides = 8 cuts). 
This is where the paper fasteners 
will anchor each wheel. 

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Adafruit Resistor Helper 

Step 7 

• Shorten the tabs on four paper fasteners with a pair of clippers. 

• This is optional but we think it looks nicer! 

Step 8 

• Use a ruler to gently score (but not cut!) the fold line on the holder. 

• The holder folds easily and neatly after scoring. 

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Adafruit Resistor Helper 

Step 9 

• Pierce a paper fastener through a tab on one side of the holder and through a wheel. 

• You can assemble the Resistor Helper with either side as the "front," but we think you'll 
use the 4-band side more often. 

Step 10 

• Pierce through the opposite side of the holder and flare out the tabs on the fastener to 

• Repeat with the other three wheels. 

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Adafruit Resistor Helper 

Step 11 

• Once you've verified you 

assembled the wheels in the right 
order, carefully glue together the 
corners/edges of the holder. 

Step 12 

This tutorial also appears on Adafruit and Instructables . 

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• That's it! Use and enjoy! 

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